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What is Dorca?

Why Dorca?

How do we meet our goals?

The majority of our support comes from



"Dorca" is a Christian foundation which aims to meet the spiritual and material needs of those who live around us and to challenge and encourage others to do the same.


What is Dorca?


It was founded in 1990 by a group of Christians from churches of various denominations. The foundation is non-political and interdenominational. Its headquarters are situated at:

str. Stefan cel Mare
nr. 87, 5875 Radauti,

Phone/fax: 30-526258.

The president of the foundation is Orest Onofrei. He and his wife, Christina, together with some others, are the founders of this foundation.

Why Dorca?

In Acts 9:39 we read about a disciple from Joppa named Dorcas "who was always doing good and helping the poor." We were inspired by this disciple and so named the foundation "Dorca", since our goals are almost the same.




How do we meet our goals?

We are active in four areas:

1. Spiritual:

- The Christian library

- Evangelistic language camps

- Bible studies

2. Educational:

- The art studio

- Language, computer and electronic courses

- Scholarships

- The special school

- Extra lessons for children

- Sponsorship of book publishing

3. Resources

- The pharmacy

- Land for the poor

- Family action

- Support for poor families

- The "Needs in Radauti" project

- Help for children with AIDS

- The gypsy community

Encouraging one another


We could never reach our goals in our own strength. We are grateful for our friends, brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, who have supported and encouraged the ministry.

            Dorca has started to build a campsite in Sucevita and it’s here that we run our camps. We want the campsite to become a centre for use by many Christian groups for camps, conferences, meetings, retreats and holidays.

The building is very close to the Sucevita Monastery, which has some of the best examples of wall paintings. The other famous monasteries of Bucovina are not far away.

Although the camp building and facilities are not yet complete, the camp has been used by different groups from Iasi, Bucharest and from local churches. So far it has been used mainly in summertime, but when it is complete, we hope it will be used all year round.


The majority of our support comes from the following Foundations:

Romanian Aid Fund (Great Britain).

Partage (France),

Handreiking Polen, Roemenie (Holland) 

Cascaid (Great Britain).

Over the years they have donated various types of goods or raised money for specific projects (e.g. "Land for the poor"). We are legally permitted to use 10% of the value of donated goods, which are sold in our shop, to cover other expenses.

Support for our projects has also came from Romanians, including Onofrei Vladimir and Margareta, Ilie and Viorica Grigorean, Danu and Gina Onofrei and Costica Scheul.


[Education]-[The Art]-[Language, Computer Courses]-[Scholarships ]-[The Special School]-[Extra Lessons for Children]-[Sponsorship Of Book Publishing]-[The Christian Library ]-[Evangelistic Language Camps]-[Bible Studies]-[The Pharmacy]-[Land for the Poor]-[Family Action]-[Support for poor Families]-[The need in "Radauti Project"]-[Help for children with AIDS]-[The gypsy Community]

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